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We are specialist motoring & road law barristers providing you with expert legal advice and representation

Road Law Barristers are experts in all aspects of motoring law and because we are a team of specialist motoring law barristers, we will explore every detail of your case to find the best solution.

Representing our clients aiming to minimise your penalty

Contact us to find out if we can help you keep your driving licence or reduce your sentence. We provide expert motoring law advice and representation that can reduce your motoring office penalty. Our team of barristers work with clients with court cases in Leeds, York, Northallerton and throughout Yorkshire and the North East.

Providing you with expert motoring law advice

Whether you have received a notice of intended prosecution, been summonsed to attend court, or are simply worried that a road traffic offence charge could result in the loss of your driving licence, we are specialists in motoring law and we will provide you with expert legal advice.

Free initial legal advice for speeding, drink driving or any other motoring offence

Regardless of whether you have been accused of speeding, drink driving or any other motoring offence, our initial advice is completely free of charge. If you find that you do need our services, many cases can be resolved during the first court appearance, minimising the cost to you. In addition, our services are available on a fixed-fee basis; with no hourly rates and no costly surprises once your case has been concluded.