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“Due to covid restrictions it took 15 months for my case to reach court and during that time I had to deal with 3 different barristers from Road Law Barristers. All were very professional and supportive during that time. Every detail of my circumstances were discussed to help produce a strong argument to my hardship case. I firmly believe that without their help I would have received a lengthy ban. I cannot thank them enough for their help and would definitely recommend them.” 

Mr L was represented in court by Road Law Barristers in April 2021


“This is the second time I have instructed Mr Quinn and without doubt I would not hesitate to use him again. He is quick to cut through and grasp technical legal points.”

“Very professional and friendly. Excellent communication, explanation and action. In all a fantastic service received. I won my case, thank you very much Road Law Barristers.”

Mr R was represented in court for using his mobile phone whilst driving by Road Law Barristers in December 2018


“Very professional and friendly. Excellent communication, explanation and action.  In all a fantastic service received.  I won my case, thank you very much Road Law Barristers.”

Mr S was represented in court for speeding by Road Law Barristers in July 2018


“From the first phone call, the support and advice given by the team was extremely efficient and effective. Thanks to Olivia, I was suitably coached and guided to enable me to effectively state my case to the magistrates. Arguing extraordinary hardship, we achieved the best possible outcome avoiding a driving ban and receiving a modest fine of £245.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the RLB team to anyone facing the anxiety of losing their license and livelihood.”

Mr F was represented in court by Road Law Barristers in July 2017


“Excellent communication throughout and excellent representation in court.”

Mrs W was represented by Road Law Barristers for a speeding offence in July 2017.


Mr G came to us too late for advice [April 2015] having decided to represent himself and plead guilty to the offence of  “failing to provide the police with information”.  As a result of his conviction, he lost his job. This is what he had to say after he finally spoke to us  for some free advice:

“I am very sad to hear that but I must accept this as I have made a huge mistake.  This was the very first and very last time I have gone to the court without a barrister. In the future I will make sure I use your services before a court hearing. I would like to thank you for your time and help and for all of your advice.”


“Our Road Law Barrister was clear in her advice and very reassuring both prior to and during the case. She came across as understanding but very professional and with a high level of expertise. She has just the right balance between sympathetic and authoritative. She appraised the situation, the facts and all the documentation very rapidly. In court she was amazing. She put my son’s case accurately, concisely and seemed to know exactly what to say to achieve the best outcome. We were both very impressed with Olivia and feel very fortunate to have found her.”

Parent, Son Prosecuted for Drink Driving, June 2014


“I would like to say thank you to Road Law Barristers, their professional no-nonsense attitude assured me our case was in good hands. They answered all of our questions honestly and promptly. We were told upfront what our bill was, so there were no surprises when we paid. Our barrister explained in full what to expect in court and was well prepared for presenting our case hence the better than expected outcome. I would highly recommend Road Law Barristers to all my family, friends and colleagues.”

Ms C, Facing a Driving Ban, June 2014


“I received good advice over the phone to get the case dealt with as quickly as possible.  Being represented by a Road Law Barrister at court and saved me a lot of money through fines. I would recommend picking up the phone if you receive a letter from the police relating to traffic offences.”

Mr K, Failure to provide driver information, May 2014


“Conor was excellent throughout; from his advice at the beginning, to his cross examination of witnesses and subject matter knowledge. Simply brilliant!”

Mr T, April 2014


“I am grateful to Miss Olivia Checa-Dover for her professionalism and calm authority whilst representing me in court as this helped somewhat with my nervousness and disposition which wasn’t the best. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”

Mr W, Failure to comply with road signals, October 2013