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Vehicle Defects

When was the last time that you checked your brake lights when setting off for a long journey? Although it might seem like a trivial matter, vehicle defects are easily detectable by the police and can carry severe penalties: In the case of defective tyres each tyre carries three penalty points, whilst defective brakes or steering can lead to fines of up to £2,500.

Whilst there are no specific defences available to such charges, it has been successfully argued on behalf of clients in the past that special reasons exist not to endorse the licence with penalty points, where for example an emergency has arisen or the distance driven was relatively short.

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5 tips when facing prosecution for a motoring offence

1. Don’t panic! 

Sometimes things aren’t as bad as they may first appear.

2. Don’t delay in taking legal advice.

These days, you can go directly to a barrister (rather than using a solicitor) for advice. The sooner you tell us about the circumstances surrounding your case, the more time there is to get information together to ensure we get the best possible outcome.

3. Make sure you comply with any deadlines given by the police or court.

If you don’t comply with deadline dates, you could be making things a whole lot worse for yourself. Failure to respond to a notice of intended prosecution means you have committed a further offence.

4. You can represent yourself in Court if you wish.

If you do represent yourself in court, we recommend that for ‘peace of mind’ you ask us for an advice about your case. That way, you are bit more prepared. We can tell you what to expect on the day, your likely sentence and how best to present yourself to the magistrates.

5. You can appeal the decision

If you don’t get the outcome you expected, you can appeal on the grounds of a procedural or legal error.


Useful Information

The Home Office website also has advice on your rights and responsibilities for a number of situations where you may be pulled over by the police.