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Driving Whilst Unfit

Posted on 1st February

It is an offence to drive or attempt to drive on a road or other public place whilst unfit through drink or drugs. Being “unfit” means you have been assessed as “impaired.” If convicted, you will face a driving disqualification, and could even receive six months imprisonment and a fine of up to £5000.

Driving whilst unfit is a similar offence to driving with excess alcohol, the main difference being that a specimen demonstrating that you are over the drink drive limit has to have been obtained for a charge of driving with excess alcohol. If the police do not have a specimen, they can charge you with driving whilst unfit due to the influence of drink or drugs. The case against you will, usually, centre around the evidence of a doctor and/or a police officer. Our barristers have decades of experience in challenging expert and medical evidence in court and can advise you as to any weaknesses in the assessments made by the police officer or doctor, giving you the best chance of avoiding disqualification.

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