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Lawyer for drink driving

A conviction for the offence of drink driving, a 12 month driving disqualification is almost inevitable. There are, however, more serious cases where disqualifications can be for up to three years and accompanied by a prison sentence.

Have you been caught drink driving?

Here at Road Law Barristers we have the expertise to help you fight your drink driving charge. Drink driving charges can be complex as they can be committed in different ways. You might, for example, be found guilty of an offence for simply failing to provide a breath specimen, even if you haven’t been drinking. It is also possible to be convicted of an offence by being in charge of a vehicle whilst drunk, even if someone else was driving.
Drink driving offences are one of only a few areas of English Law where the person who is being charged is required to provide evidence against themselves, however because of this, the police must follow complex procedures. Our team of highly experienced barristers are experts in pinpointing and then exploiting to your advantage any deviations the police make to these procedures.

How can we help you?

We’ll begin by talking through the options available to you with the aim of providing the information you need to help you make the best decision on how you’d like your case to proceed. We will then help you prepare a defence, designed with the aim of helping you keep your license whilst also minimising any penalties.
Our team of specialist drink driving lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of drink driving law and will use this experience to ensure that any penalty you receive is appropriate to your circumstances. Our expert support and advice is available to clients in Leeds, York, and Northallerton and throughout Yorkshire and North East of England.

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