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Do you need a lawyer for a road traffic offence?

You may be facing disqualification from driving, penalty points that could amount to disqualification or you may have been issued a fine. We have experience defending clients charged with drink driving to speeding offences, driving with no insurance to failing to furnish. If you feel you have been wrongly charged for one or all of the latter offences, then contact us and we can begin building your case.

How we defend against a road traffic offence

As soon as you contact our legal team, we will begin work to defend your case. Initially you will be appointed your own specialist road traffic lawyer who will be responsible for your case throughout its duration. Your Lawyer will discuss your options with you, taking into account all of the information you provide them with. Using their expertise they will then offer you the advice you need to make an informed decision on how to move forwards with your case.

Why choose Road Law Barristers?

The specialist service that our lawyers provide could be the best possible chance of keeping your licence and staying on the road. We treat each client and case as an individual, offering sound legal advice thanks to our extensive knowledge of road traffic law. Every one of our team are adept at defending against traffic offences, but we support one another at Road Law Barristers, so each client benefits from the collective experience of our entire firm.

We know road traffic law so you don’t have to

We are a well-established firm, adept at using our experience in defending road traffic offences to guarantee that any penalty you may or may not receive is appropriate to the circumstances in your case. We cannot claim to be able to eradicate your charges or offences, but we will do our utmost to minimise them.

If you require more information, advice on a course of action or in need of defence against a driving offence, then please feel free to contact us to arrange a no-obligation, free consultation and see how we can help you.