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Legal Help – Drink Driving Offences and License Points

At Road Law Barristers, we recognise that the accusation of driving offences and the risk of points and losing your license is an immensely stressful and difficult time. Because of this, we provide a free consultation with no obligation attached. During this, we’ll provide support by explaining the implications of your situation and providing the necessary information you need in your predicament.

What’s more, due the Direct Access scheme, you can instruct and deal directly with a barristers, rather than first going through a motoring solicitor. This simplifies the procedure, reducing complication and time for you and saving significant sums in legal fees. Our honest legal help for penalty points and drink drive offences can help make the process easier and by dealing directly with us with can reduce your overall costs on legal support with our direct service.

Legal Help for Penalty Points Cases

These offences require the accused to provide evidence against themselves, which is a rarity in UK Law. Because of this however, a series of detailed protections are in place to ensure the right of the accused are upheld throughout the police and legal processes. We’re experienced in investigated whether these have been properly implemented and seen through to find mistakes in the prosecution’s case. Because of the complexity of motoring law, we’re able to use these protections to help your case and aid in avoiding additional points on your license or a ban.

Many people don’t realise that drink driving offences can be committed in a number of different ways. You could, for example, be guilty of committing an offence by failing to take a breath test even if you haven’t been driving, or you could be convicted of being in charge of a car whilst drunk but were not driving. The law surrounding drink driving is complex but our team of drink driving lawyers have the expertise to find and use any deviation to your advantage.

Drink driving legal services designed to help you

It used to the case that you had to go through a solicitor in order to instruct a barrister on your behalf. However, it is now possible to come to Road Law Barristers directly with your legal motoring problem, saving you time, money and stress.

Arrange your free, no-obligation consultation

Regardless of whether you are worried that you may be charged with a drink driving offence or have been summonsed to appear in court, your first step should be to contact us. We have a team of barristers who are specialists in motoring law and who are available to provide you with the expert advice you need from the outset.
We will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation during which our barrister will discuss your situation with you before advising you on the options available, enabling you to decide how you would like to proceed. We know that the possibility of being convicted for a drink driving offence is very stressful and can have huge implications: this is why we will work closely with you to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Fees

Following a free initial consultation, there’s no obligation at that point to pursue this and use our services. If you elect to, our services are provided on a fixed fee basis. This means you won’t be charged for additional time on our part spent providing legal help and assistance. We’re transparent and honest about our fees, meaning no surprises at the conclusion of your case. As noted above, by not accessing a barrister through a solicitor, you can save money and vital time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.