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Special Reasons

Posted on 1st February

Regardless of the charge, there is a possibility that a “special reasons” argument may apply to your case. Special reasons are not a complete defence: They simply mean that penalty points may be lessened or a disqualification avoided entirely. This means that even if you have no defence to the charge, there is still the possibility that with the right representation you can keep your licence.

A special reason is essentially a unique circumstance that is relevant to your case and directly related to the commission of the offence: If the special reason is accepted, the court may be persuaded not to impose penalty points or a disqualification.

For example, appearing before the Selby Magistrates’ Court on a charge of drink-driving, our client explained that he had been asked to move his car from a driveway whilst attending a party. It was successfully argued that the shortness of distance driven was a special reason not to disqualify our client from driving, enabling him to keep his job as an apprentice mechanic.