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Speeding fine lawyers

With a speeding camera seemingly around every corner, modern roads have never been more treacherous and as a consequence, speeding offences are on the rise. Our support as expert speeding solicitors is available to clients in Leeds, Yorkshire and throughout the north east of England. If you are from our area and need defence against a speeding offence, then Road Law Barrister are the firm for you.

Have you been issued a speeding fine?

Speed offences can be a very serious prosecution, without seeking proper guidance from road offence professionals, a fine could lead to unnecessary points on your licence or even a driving disqualification if your points should total up from any previous convictions. In very serious circumstances a speeding fine could even lead to a charge for dangerous driving, which is why we cannot stress the importance of seeking legal assistance as soon as possible after being fined.

Speeding offences require very definite evidence against the accused, in addition, the law on speeding tolerances fluctuate greatly between counties, circumstance and the type of speed trap that was activated. Police are expected to abide by a strict set of procedures and our team of experienced speeding fine lawyers are adept at identifying, then exploiting any departure or variance from these procedure the police might have made.

How can Road Law Barristers help you?

Our lawyers have extensive experience in defending speeding offences, whether you have been issued a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) or are simply concerned that you may have been caught by the police, we provide sound legal advice to all of our clients. You will be assigned your own expert who will be responsible for your case. In addition, our team of lawyers will pool their collective casing experience to defend your prosecution.

The police rely on you – the accused – to have little or no knowledge of speeding offence law, which is the void in which we fill. Utilise our knowledge to defend yourself from an unnecessarily harsh prosecution that could effect your license, your livelihood and your life in general.

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